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 Sistan & Baluchestan today


The employment in the field of industries, have possessed a good trend that is result of caring industrial infrastructures, increasing accommodative and banking support and culture development of industrial products in the province. Also, considering the issued works and anticipating tax, custom and financial supportive and investment safety, the tendency to industrial investment has been raised, new plants have been realized, the productive employment has been erected and the industry situation has been improved.
By the end of 2005, 770 industrial workshops and factories have found active, employing 15000 people, embracing investment of 1240 billion Rails, of the most important, the cement, cotton cloth, meshbaf (Balooch texture), rug fiber, flour, poultries, PE pipes, date packaging, nautical, industrial and construction colors, prawn and fish curing conserves, fishing toils, carpet, moquette, bread cooking machinery, house ware and industrial refrigerators, nonstick (Teflon) bands, industrial abattoirs, cold storages, limy sand, crock brick, steel and aluminum profile, wooden pipes and lips, biscuits and crackers, burrow making, filament thread, … could be mentioned.
Also, among the most important under construction plants, three major projects for producing cement in Zabol, Tiss in Chabahar and Iranshahr, granite stone breaking in Zahedan, the industrial complex for date transformation processes, manufacturing vehicle parts and components, granite mine discovery plans in Chehelkooreh and Noorabad, two major plans of agriculture and industry, prawn cultivation and propagation, the project for manufacturing and repairing workshop of marine boats, the plan for manufacturing sewage double wall pipes, the project for purification of eating oil of the 'BAHR TEJARAT Co.' in Chabahar, the project for production of PVC pipes and connections, could be mentioned.
Concerning allocation of specific facilities for development and construction of middle-sized quick return economic agencies, it is estimated that the investment trend in the sector of industry and mine, will benefit remarkable step-up. Now, over 13 industrial towns, covering whole area of 3920 hectares are operating in the province.
The Sistan and Baluchestan province has been always assigned as small India of Iran for its climate diversity that has resulted in cultivating plenty types of semitropical, tropical, cold region and even rice. The date, covering subculture area of 36764 hectares and annual production of 148000 MT, is considered as second rank nationwide, while for the 'Rabi type (rab is derived of god in Arabic/Farsi)', ranks first in the list.
Production of banana with the annual rate of 70 thousands MT has also ranked first in the country. The tropical fruits of the province include dates, banana, mango, papaya, Chico (greasewood), olive (Guava), coconut, henna, that for henna, the province is also the first rank in the country.
The semi tropical fruit of the province includes citrus (orange, lemon, tangerine), grape (ruby grape as the most preeminent one that is also considered as the most premature fruit of the season) and fig.
The cold region fruits of the province including pomegranate, walnut, cherry, almond, apricot that for cultivating pomegranate, the biggest size in the country has been officially registered in Sistan & Baluchestan.
The out season premature fruits of the province contain ruby grape, cucumber, water melon and casaba melon. Maybe it would be interesting to point that the Chabahar water melon is marketed in the last Iranian month, named ESFAND, corresponding late February and early-middle march, while normally the water melons are marketed in summer.
For the south and south east of the country, the production plan for the sapling of tropical fruits is to be implemented province wide, and its permit has been only passed to due people in this province.
The overwhelming majority of Zahedan's inhabitants is ethnic Baluchi and speak the Baluchi language. There are also smaller numbers of Pashtuns, Sistanis and Brahuis.
Zahedan lies east of the Kavir-e Loot desert. The city was part of the historic region of Sistan, situated today on the borders of southeastern Iran and southwestern Afghanistan. One portion is part of the Iranian province of Sistan and Baluchestan. The other portion is part of the Nimruz Province of Afghanistan.
The name Sistan comes from 'Sakastan', which Sistan was once the westernmost part of. The Sakas that were once native to Sistan were driven to the Punjab during the Arsacid era (63 BCE-220 CE). The Saffarids (861-1003 CE), one of the early Iranian dynasties of the Islamic era, were originally rulers of Sistan. In the Shahnameh, Sistan is also referred to as Zabulistan, after Zabol, a city in the region. In Ferdowsi's epic, Zabulistan is in turn described to be the homeland of the mythological hero-king Rostam.
Zahedan and the area of Sistan has a very strong connection with Zoroastrianism and during Sassanid times Lake Hamun was one of two pilgrimage sites for followers of that religion. In Zoroastrian folk religion, the lake is the keeper of Zoroaster's seed and just before the final renovation of the world, three maidens will enter the lake, each then giving birth to the saoshyants who will be the saviours of mankind at the final renovation of the world. The most famous archaeological site in Sistan is on Kuh-e Khwajeh, a hill rising up as an island in the middle of Lake Hamun.
Zahedan is the main economic center of the region and home to many small- and medium-scale industries. Its main products include cotton textiles, woven and hand-knotted rugs, ceramics, processed foods, livestock feed, processed hides, milled rice, bricks, reed mats and baskets.
n April 2008 the 70 billion IRR Zahedan Stadium was built with a seated capacity of 15,000 people. It was inaugurated on 18 April 2008 with a friendly football game between Honarmandan (Actors) versus a local side.

Main Colleges and universities of the province include:

  • University of Sistan and Baluchestan
  • Chabahar Maritime University
  • Zahedan University of Medical Sciences
  • Islamic Azad University of Zahedan
  • International University of Chabahar
  • Zabol University of Medical Sciences
  • Zabol University
  • Iranshar University

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